Ruijun Lin 林睿军
Homeland: People's Republic of China

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen

Welcome to my space. 欢迎来到我的空间~

I am a second-year master's student in mathematics and just graduated from the University of Copenhagen, in June, 2023. My interests are operator algebra, harmonic analysis and related topics.

My graduate thesis supervisor as well as academic advisor is Søren Eilers, whose research interest lies mainly in operator algebra and functional analysis, especially graph C*-algebras, classification of C*-algebras, and K-theory for operator algebras related with them.

My bachelor's degree was awarded at Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen China. My undergraduate academic advisor was Yifei Zhu, whose research interests are algebraic topology and related fields, particularly in its connections to algebraic geometry and number theory via objects such as formal groups, elliptic curves, and modular forms. My undergraduate thesis supervisor was Bochen Liu, whose research interests are harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory and combinatorics.

Currently I am a research assistant at my bachelor's alma mater.

我是已经于2023年6月毕业的二年级数学硕士研究生,毕业于哥本哈根大学(丹麦),硕士导师兼毕业论文指导老师是丹麦数学家Søren Eilers教授。本科毕业于南方科技大学(深圳),本科学术导师是助理教授朱一飞老师,研究兴趣为代数拓扑及其相关话题;我的本科毕业论文指导老师是刘博辰副教授,研究兴趣为调和分析,几何测度论和组合数学。


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