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Ruijun Lin, China

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Music is a part of my life. I learned erhu (a kind of Chinese traditional instrument) in my childhood and began to learn to play the piano after graduating from the senior high school. I love both of them, and my favorite types of music are classical music, new age and traditional music.


The following is my latest piano cover Sun and Dew composed by my piano teacher Jianyang Wu, who is also a composer. I record this video in honor of him.

The following is one of my piano covers One Man's Dream composed by Yanni.
以下是我自己演奏的雅尼创作的钢琴曲《One Man's Dream(一个人的梦想)》。

The following is another of my piano covers In the Morning Light composed by Yanni. It is the first piece of music totally practiced by myself.
以下是我自己演奏的雅尼创作的钢琴曲《In the Morning Light(在晨光中)》,这是第一首我自己练习学会的曲子。

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