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Ruijun Lin, China
This page contains data related to mathematics from myself and my instructors.



My notes on The Categorical Origins of Lebesgue Integration by Tom Leinster

PDF version of the original paper:

My handwritten notes:

Notes on The Categorical Origins of Lebesgue Integration.

Fourier Analysis an Introduction by Stein and Shakarchi

PDF version of the text book:

Fourier Analysis: an Introduction.pdf

Handwritten Notes:

Fourier Analysis Notes 1,
Fourier Analysis Notes 2,
Fourier Analysis Notes 3,
Fourier Analysis Notes 4,
Fourier Analysis Notes 5,
Fourier Analysis Notes 6,
Fourier Analysis Notes 7.

Partial Solutions to Exercises and Problems in the textbook:

Partial Solutions Part 1,
Partial Solutions Part 2,
Partial Solutions Part 3.

For convenience, I also uploaded a copy of notes and partial solutions on Zhihu, you can click here to visit it.

Graduate Partial Differential Equations Notes by Prof. Su Linlin

Handwritten Notes:

Graduate PDE Notes 1,

Graduate PDE Notes 2,

Graduate PDE Notes 3,

Graduate PDE Notes 4.

Introduction to Representation Theory Notes by Prof. Jasmin Matz

IntroRep Notes.

Groups, Operator Algebras and Dynamics Notes by Prof. Magdalena Elena Musat

GOADyn Notes.

Undergraduate Thesis supervised by Prof. Bochen Liu

Thesis: Harmonic Analysis and Hausdorff Dimension;

Presentation Slides: HAHD Presentation.

Graduate Thesis supervised by Prof. Søren Eilers

Thesis: C*-algebras of Left Cancellative Small Categories with Garside Families.

Presentation Slides:
Full version: C*ALCSCG Presentation (full);
Brief version: C*ALCSCG Presentation (brief).


PDF Notes: Connections between the topological limit and categorical limit.

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